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More than 162 Poker terms & expressions

If you are new to the world of online Poker, the wealth of Poker related terminology might be a bit overwhelming at first. For that reason we have compiled this glossary. This list is not exhaustive, but we aim to provide you with a comprehensive reference that explains interesting and colorful internet terminology you are likely to encounter in the online casino world. Although it's not essential for you to be familiar with all these terms in order to play the game, they're still good to know.

  • Dead Hand
    A hand that is not legally playable.
  • Deal
    To give each player cards, or put cards on the board. Here, each deal refers to the entire process from the shuffling and dealing of cards until the pot is awarded to the winner.
  • Dealer
    The man or woman who handles the cards, gives out the pots, and monitors the online poker or online casino game.
  • Dealer Button
    A flat disk that indicates the player who would be in the dealing position for that hand (if there were not a house dealer). Normally just called "the button".
  • Dealer´s Choice
    A game in which each dealer, in turn, chooses the type of poker to be played.
  • Dealer´s Position
    Being the last to act in a betting round. On the button.
  • Deck
    A set of playing-cards. In poker games, the deck consists of either:

    • 52 cards in seven-card stud, hold'em, and Omaha.
    • 53 cards (including the joker), often used in ace-to-five lowball and draw high.
  • Deuce
    A »TWO«, the lowest ranking card in high poker.
  • Diamonds
    One of the four playing card suits. Formerly representing merchants.
  • Discard(s)
    In a draw game, to throw cards out of your hand to make room for replacements, or the card(s) thrown away; the muck.
  • Down Cards
    Cards dealt facing down to the players (also referred to as pocket cards or hole cards).
  • Draw
    This expression relates to poker games and has slightly different meanings, depending on the context.

    1.) The poker form where players are given the opportunity to replace cards in the hand. In some places like California, the word "draw" is used referring to draw high, and draw low is called "lowball".

    2.) The act of taking a card from the deck, for example by discarding one card and replacing it with a new one.

    3.) The point in the deal where replacing is done is called "the draw".
    4.) A game result where multiple players split the pot as result of having equal hands.
  • Drawing Dead
    A hand in Poker that will lose even if it improves.
  • Drawing Hand
    A Poker hand that needs improvement to win, for example when seeking to score a straight or a flush but still missing one card.