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European Roulette

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The European Roulette wheel has 37 numbers in total (0-36) as opposed to American Roulette, which has an additional (double) zero. The odds of any given number coming up on a single zero (European Roulette) wheel are 36:1. This makes the house edge on European Roulette only 2.7% for a single number bet as opposed to American Roulette with a 5.26% house edge. Basically, for every $100 you bet you'd lose an average of $2.70. That's not bad, since the probability that you win 35x the bet is 1/37.

How to play Roulette

Choose the amount you wish to bet by clicking on the chips in the right bottom corner. Then click on the appropriate field(s) on the roulette tableau to place your bet(s). Say you want to bet $30 on "RED". Simply choose the green stack $25 worth of chips and click on the red field. Then mark the red stack left to the green one with the chips valued $5 each. Again, click on the red field and then "Spin" to start the game.